Steph Elmore Interviews Matthew Bose

Emmerdale star Mathew Bose talks candidly with Steph ElmorePosted on Tue, Jul 27, 2010

Matthew Bose, the dashingly handsome gay character Paul Lambert in Emmerdale, is as dishy and charming in real life as he is on screen.

I had dinner with him in San Carlo restaurant in the city centre and we chatted for more than four hours and shared a lemon tart for dessert. But, although he looks pretty, he talks tough.

“I hate the futile celebrity hollow trinket bolted onto society quite frankly!” he tells me.

I hate it when people say they want to be famous, famous for what? WAGs were built on the back of magazines.”

This wasn’t a sudden outburst from Mathew as soon as we sat down, but more a response to why he was in Manchester that day. He had been spending time with his old school friend who has recently developed brain virus encephalitis, which causes memory loss.

For Mathew the only useful thing about having celebrity status is bringing exposure to charities, especially the smaller “less sexy” ones.

At the moment we are trying to discover what he can remember. He’s lived here for the last 20 years, so I’ve been walking round with him all day.”

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